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24th December 2021 l For Porsche Fans l 2-3 minutes

Hello dear Porsche fan! Today is Christmas Eve in Germany. That’s why we’re writing to you together. And to help you pass the time until the presents arrive, we’ve come up with some cool ideas: You can write a poem or go on a gift hunt with Tom. Have fun!

In Germany, we celebrate Christmas Eve on December 24th. The celebration of Jesus Christ‘s birth includes good food, loving gifts and family. In America and England, presents are not given until December 25th. And in Egypt, for example, not until January 7th. When will you unwrap your presents?

 If you are impatient and can’t wait any longer, we have a great idea for you: We rhyme a Christmas poem every year! We sit together with a cup of hot chocolate and delicious cookies. You can do this with your family, too.

Here’s how it works: For example, one person starts with ‚’At Christmas, everything is wrapped in glow’. The next one continues like that ‘The world looks like a winter dream covered in snow’. You can keep going until you have a great poem. And very quickly it’s time for the presents!

We wish you a turbo-wonderful Christmas with your family. Next week is already New Year’s Eve, yay! See you then!

Yours, Tom & Tina

Did you know?
Tina has hidden Tom’s present in the Porsche Museum. Here you can help him to find it!

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