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24th June 2022 l For Porsche Fans l 2-3 minutes

Hi you! A few weeks ago, Tom wrote about the myth of Le Mans in his blog post. You probably remember that Porsche got to keep the challenge cup one time. But there are many other trophies and achievements at Porsche. Want to know which ones? Then read on right now!

Porsche has already won a total of over 30,000 different races. And, of course, they have always received turbo-strong trophies for this. Particularly important trophies are on display in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Because each trophy naturally also stands for the success of a Porsche racing car.

In addition to classic trophies, Porsche has also won trophies that look completely different. One trophy looks like a beer mug, for example. Another is made of glass, so you can see through it. And another cup contains Japanese writing. So trophies can look funny, too! 

One trophy is particularly important because it was awarded to Porsche as a whole team. Because every victory is real teamwork! Around a race, it takes many people working together perfectly as a unit. From the race mechanic to the logistics manager, everyone in the team has an important role!

As you can see, Porsche is very successful in motorsports. Tom and I think that’s super cool and help out where we can!

Yours, Tina

Did you already know?
New developments are often used in racing cars. Once these have proven their worth, they are often used in series production cars as well.

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