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2nd September 2022 l For Porsche Fans l 2-3 minutes

Hello Porsche fan! For many people, it is a childhood dream to own their own Porsche one day. I can understand that! Because I also think Porsche is turbo-cool. That’s why today I’m going to tell you where in the world there are Porsche locations and where Porsche cars are sold.

You probably know that Zuffenhausen near Stuttgart is the home of Porsche. I wrote about that here. Other locations in Germany are the Weissach Development Centre near Stuttgart and the Porsche plant in Leipzig. There is also a plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Porsche sports cars are sold in Porsche Centres. There are almost 90 of them in Germany and more than 800 Porsche Centres around the world. In addition, there are currently nine Porsche Experience Centers worldwide. There, visitors can experience the fascination of Porsche up close. You can find out more in this blog.

Porsche is successful worldwide! Even though Porsche has its roots in and around Stuttgart, where all new sports and racing cars are built. As a researcher at Porsche, I work in Germany, but I often travel to Porsche locations and the racing and test tracks around the world. I find that so exciting!

How did you like my post today? Next week Tom will have some fun road games for you. See you then!

Yours, Tina

Did you already know?
But sound designers don’t just take care of the sound of the engines. They also design the sound when you slam the car door of a Porsche or the sound of the turn signal.

My dream is to visit all Porsche locations around the world one by one. Because in every country I visit, I learn more about Porsche and the culture. That’s how I’m getting better and better as a researcher!