Autograph Tom Targa

Tom Targa is a Porsche test driver. He is sporty, cool and stands for safety. Tom helps you to stay fit and always be safe on the road.

Employee ID Tina Turbo

Tina Turbo is a researcher at the Porsche Development Center. She is enthusiastic about technology, curious and stands for sustainability. Tina invites you to improve your world together.

Guess the answer!

How well do you know Porsche? Look at the 3 cards and solve the 7 questions. Did you know everything?

Can you talk with your hands?

A look at the German sign language.

Do you know the technical term?

Find the technical terms combustion engine, electric motor, battery, brake caliper, rear view mirror, rear spoiler and mark them.

Smart Factory – Discover the Porsche production!

Assign the pictures to the correct production station and unlock the Porsche Smart Factory.

Well done!

Video tour through the Porsche Museum

Have you ever taken a tour through the Porsche Museum? In this video, Franzi and Tom show you what you can expect there.