Autograph Tom Targa

Tom Targa is a Porsche test driver. He is sporty, cool and stands for safety. Tom helps you to stay fit and always be safe on the road.

Employee ID Tina Turbo

Tina Turbo is a researcher at the Porsche Development Center. She is enthusiastic about technology, curious and stands for sustainability. Tina invites you to improve your world together.

Guess the answer!

How well do you know Porsche? Look at the 3 cards and solve the 7 questions. Did you know everything?

Video tour through the Porsche Museum

Have you ever taken a tour through the Porsche Museum? In this video, Franzi and Tom show you what you can expect there.

Do you know the technical term?

Find the technical terms combustion engine, electric motor, battery, brake caliper, rear view mirror, rear spoiler and mark them.

Discover the Porsche car factory!

Come to the Porsche Museum and find out what happens in the Porsche production to create a new car.

The holidays are just around the corner and you don’t have any plans yet? Then how about a visit to the Porsche Museum? Join the summer holiday programme from 4 to 23 August 2020. We will welcome you daily from 10 am to 4 pm at the “Car factory”. Together with our Porsche mascots Tina Turbo and Tom Targa, you will get an exclusive insight into the new Porsche production and you will also have the opportunity to conduct your own experiments.

At the “Taycan factory” practical station you will learn a lot of exciting things about our all-electric sports car and how it is produced. “Talking pens” amaze you with interesting facts about “robotics” and “production”. In the “Man and Machine” area you will have the possibility to code a software program for a robot and let it drive on a large playing field.

In times of Coronavirus, hygiene plays an important role. At our “Soap Factory” practical station you will learn why hygiene is so important by participating in exciting experiments and produce your own soap in the form of a 911, which you can then take home with you of course.

By the way, have you made your own little Porsche yet? You can find the instructions here:
Crafting instructions

The Porsche Museum is always worth a visit, not only during the summer holidays. We offer various programmes for children and teenagers throughout the year. Just take a look here:
Events at the Porsche Museum
Porsche Museum for Kids

Information on prices and opening hours of the Porsche Museum as well as the current infection protection regulations can be found here:
Tickets and opening hours