Why does Porsche offer a children focused entertainment program?

Porsche wants to give children access to the mobility of today and tomorrow and to socially relevant topics such as sustainability and safety in road traffic. An early and conscious confrontation with the world of mobility is today more important than ever for our children. They learn to assess situations correctly and experience what it means to take care of their environment.

What age are the Porsche 4Kids offers for?

The offers are developed for children aged 5 -13 years, teenagers and their parents.

How are the Porsche 4Kids activities structured?

Porsche 4Kids creates unique, playful experiences with high standards of didactics. The methodology of the content transfer is based on the focus on playful experiential learning. All offers are scientifically and pedagogically legitimized and target group-specific. The children should explore, discover, laugh and have fun!

Why are there the two sympathy figures of Porsche?

Tom Targa is the Porsche test driver. He is sporty, cool and stands for safety. Tom helps children to stay fit and always be safe on the road.
Tina Turbo is a researcher at the Porsche Development Centre. She is enthusiastic about technology, curious and stands for sustainability. Tina invites children to improve their world together.
Both characters were created to provide children with a role model at eye level, to inspire them and to explain the automotive world to them.