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25th June 2021 l For researchers l 2-3 minutes

Salut! Hola! Namasté! Konnichiwa! All these words mean ‘hello’ in different languages. This post is about discovering the world. I’ll tell you how to do that not only by travelling, but also quite simply on your own doorstep.

Going on big trips is still a bit difficult this year. Maybe it is possible where you live. Or maybe you’re doing the same as I do: you’re enjoying this summer at home. With the right ideas, it’s at least as great as exploring other countries.

Tip 1: Explore new places by bike! Take your mum, dad, siblings or best friend and go for a ride. Go to a lake or maybe even the sea. Don’t forget to pack a big picnic basket with food for the journey and some games.

Tip 2: Organise an ice cream parlour discovery tour. Going to a different ice cream parlour every week, sitting in the sun and trying out new flavours? Tastes like Italy at home!

Tip 3: Think about which country you would like to travel to. Then organise a themed evening for your family. You can cook a typical dish together, listen to traditional music and tell each other interesting facts about the country. Makes you look forward to your next holiday!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
‘Salut’ is French, ‘Hola’ is Spanish, ‘Namasté’ is Indian and ‘Konnichiwa’ is Japanese.

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