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23rd December 2022 l For Racing Drivers l 2-3 minutes

Hello! This is already the last blog post for this year! Can you believe it? That’s why Tina and I are checking in with you again together. Today we are looking back at the last year. A lot has happened here. And we have some great ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

This year, we have once again taken a closer look at many turbostrong topics such as electromobility and design. We celebrated the birthdays of the Porsche Cayenne and 911 Carrera RS 2.7 together and presented some great Porsche events. Which is your favourite blog?

Not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, and not on the same day either. But gifts are given almost everywhere. We both love to make friends and family happy. Our tip: Why not give them a little time – as a gift voucher for a walk, a cooked meal or a movie night, for example.

We’ve also brought along a simple craft idea for you: find a nice stone on a walk. Paint it with a lucky cloverleaf, a beautiful star, good wishes or your dream Porsche. And there you have it, a turbocool lucky charm for 2023!

What a year, right? And next year, of course, we’ll be going full speed ahead! We’re already looking forward to many more exciting topics. And to see you again!

Yours Tina & Tom

Did you know?
Porsche is celebrating its 75th birthday next year! And of course we have a lot of things in store for you. Be excited!

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