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1st October 2021 l For Porsche fans l 2-3 minutes

Hi you! Isn’t celebrating a birthday one of the coolest things there is? Today I’m giving Tom and you a great tip on where and how you can spend your next birthday with your friends. I’ll also tell you what you could experience at your next celebration.

In a little over a month it will be Tom’s birthday! It’s a day I can easily remember because it’s the 9th November, so 9.11. As a fan of the Porsche 911, that’s easy! Tom asked me where he could celebrate his birthday this year. And I have a great tip – for you too!

Celebrate your birthday at the Porsche Museum! You can choose a motto from three different themes: motorsport, design or future. Discover the museum together with your friends and get to the bottom of tricky questions.

After an exciting discovery tour, there’s time for cake (you can bring your own) and presents. Afterwards, you can either become a racing driver and take part in a very special Carrera race! Or you can become a designer and create key rings from Porsche leather! As futurologists, you can build your own Porsche future cars.

What do you think? Will Tom choose design, future or motorsporst for his birthday? I am very curious!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
Up to 10 children can take part in your birthday at the Porsche Museum. You can find more information here.

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