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29th October 2021 l For Porsche fans l 2-3 minutes

Hello witches, vampires and ghosts! On 31st October it’s Halloween again. Tom and I celebrate this tradition every year, because we like to be spooked and also have our own cool Halloween habit. I’ll tell you about it in today’s post.

Do you already have a pumpkin with a self-carved scary face on your doorstep? Got your costumes and Halloween make-up ready? I’m really excited that Halloween is just around the corner because I love scary stories, creative costumes and especially pumpkin soup.

Tom and I have our own great Halloween tradition: After going around the houses in the evening trick-or-treating, eating soup and taking spooky photos of our costumes, we always spend the rest of the evening telling each other scary stories.

Creativity is needed here! For example, one starts with the sentence ‘Once upon a time at midnight in the Porsche Museum…’ and the next continues the story, for example like this: ‘… suddenly a huge figure in a black cape moved behind a silver Boxster’.

This is how we invent the best scary stories together, because we always take turns coming up with the craziest and creepiest ideas. Why not give it a try this Halloween? Have fun!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
The heaviest pumpkin in the world weighed 951 kg – that’s as much as a small car!

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