Who we are
4th June 2021 l For Porsche fans l 2-3 minutes

Hi there, it’s me again: Tom. You got to know Tina a bit better in last week’s blog post. Today it’s my turn. I’ll tell you what I do and like, and I’ll also share a little secret about myself with you.

Let’s start with the most important thing you should know about me: I am a passionate Porsche test driver for  off-road tracks and city routes. As a former racing driver, I really do know how to do this. That’s why I’m also an expert in road safety and can give you a lot of good tips.

In my job, it is important that I keep fit. So, I exercise a lot and keep a healthy diet. I also enjoy reading interesting books in my free time. It offers me a great balance to my exciting job! What hobbies do you enjoy?

Finally, I’ll tell you something that not many people know about me: My birthday is on 9 November –  – like my favourite Porsche model 911! How great is that? That way no one forgets my birthday.

Next week Tina will dive a little deeper into the world of Porsche with you. Take care and see you soon!

Yours, Tom

Did you know?
My favourite colour is ‘Porsche Red’

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