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25th February 2022 l For Designers l 2-3 minutes

Hi you, it’s carnival soon! Do you already know what you’re going to dress up as? I have some really cool tips for you. Do you even know why we dress up? And what exactly do we celebrate at carnival? Read on quickly to find out more.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is very famous. The largest carnival parade in the world takes place here. People wear colourful costumes, celebrate and dance. And you’ve probably also heard of the carnival in Venice. In Germany, Carnival is celebrated in Cologne, for example.

 Why do we dress up for this festival? In the past, people wore scary masks and capes. They wanted to chase away winter and evil spirits. Today people do it for fun. It’s also really fun to think of a cool costume and slip into a different role for a change.

 Instead of buying a new costume, you can use things you already have at home. With a painter’s overall, a safety vest and gloves, you can quickly become a Porsche pit stop mechanic. Add a cap, a whistle and a yellow safety flag made out of cardboard and it’s perfect!

 I hope you’ve learned a lot about carnival. Next week, Tina will tell you about the different Porsche models. See you then!

Yours, Tom

Did you know?
In Germany there are many different names for carnival. In the south, for example, we say ‘Fasching‘ or ‘Fasnet‘. Do you also celebrate carnival? And what is it called where you live?

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