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12th August 2022 l For racing drivers l 2-3 minutes

Hello racing drivers! Today we are talking about a very important topic in racing – lightweight construction. It means that the individual parts of a Porsche are as light as possible. There are special materials for this. I’ll explain exactly what these are and why light weight construction is so important here!

The lighter a car is, the faster it is. And that is of course especially important for racing cars. That’s why people are constantly working on it. However, lighter cars also require less energy, such as electricity or petrol, to drive. That makes driving cheaper and, most importantly, more sustainable.

Special materials are used to make a Porsche particularly light. These include, for example, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic or aluminium. Car parts are then made from these materials. For example, the roof of a Porsche is made of aluminium instead of sheet steel. And that makes it lighter!

In motorsports, cars have to be even lighter than cars on the road. Glass is replaced by plastic, door handles by loops and the Porsche Crest is sometimes even just stickered on. Imagine, some parts like the steering wheel or the ignition key are even perforated to be lighter!

Today you’ve learned a lot about lightweight construction. Exciting, isn’t it? Next week Tina will be talking about the Porsche Cayenne. Be curious!

Yours, Tom

Did you already know?
There is no room for passengers in a racing car. All seats are removed to save additional weight.

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