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10th December 2021 l For Designers l 2-3 minutes

Hi Porsche Designers! Today we’re talking about the most famous Porsche, the 911. I’ll tell you how long this model has been around, how many Porsche 911 have been built and what is so special about its design. Have fun reading!

The first Porsche 911 was built in 1963. That’s over 55 years ago! It is the successor to the first Porsche 356. In the meantime, the 911 has been built well over a million times. That’s a 1 with 6 zeros! What’s particularly impressive, is that you can always tell it’s a 911. Even without a crest or lettering!

 And that’s because of the special design. Although the Porsche 911 has always evolved, the basic shape is still the same in the 8th generation. It has been adapted and improved again and again, which is why a 911 still looks super modern today, even though it has been around for so long.

 But it’s not just the 911 that you would always recognise because of the side lines, the fastback, the shape of the side windows and the front wing. All other Porsche models also have the Porsche DNA. This includes everything that makes a Porsche unique and that all models have in common.

 Soon I’ll tell you more about the Porsche DNA, the special features. Next week, Tom will be talking about Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche. Are you excited?

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
The Porsche 911 is so famous that over 300 books have been written about it.

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