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22nd October 2021 l For racing drivers l 3-4 minutes

Hi you, nice to meet you here! Today we’re talking about a very important topic: Road safety. At dusk and in the dark, it is super important that drivers can see you very well. I wrote down how you can handle it here.

It’s autumn in Europe and the days are getting shorter. So it’s longer dark in the morning and earlier in the evening. And if it’s raining or foggy, you can see even less. That’s why it’s really important, for your safety in the darker months, that you can be seen well on your way to school!

I have a little experiment for you: First put on something dark and have your parents, siblings or friends shine a flashlight on you in a dark room. Now try it out with light-coloured clothes. So, when do people see you better?

You’ve probably figured it out: Dark clothes are very hard to see. Light-coloured clothes, on the other hand, are much easier to see. That’s actually logical. Now take reflectors like a tag or your school bag in your hand and let them light you up again. The effect is incredible, isn’t it?

If you wear bright clothing with reflectors on your jacket and school bag, others will see you the best!

Next week, Tina is all about Halloween. She loves sweets! What about you?

Yours, Tom

Did you know?
This weekend, the Porsche Sports Cup takes place at the Hockenheimring, where private drivers compete with their own Porsche. Porsche 4Kids will be there with the Kids Driving School and the Porsche Pit Stop. Admission is free. Come over!

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