Find the words!

Oh no, what a chaos! Can you find the words in this mess?

Fill in the blanks!

Write the missing word in the empty fields. Which term has to be placed where?


Find the pairs. Which one is your favourite?

Find the error

Can you find the six flaws hidden in the picture on the right?

Here are some hints:
- 2 are hidden by the cars - one of them on the far left of the picture. Did a vampire remove it?
- 1 flaw is hidden on Tina and 2 on Tom - one of them is little and you cannot count it on one hand.
- 1 flaw is hidden in the backgound - someone must have escaped.

Drag and Drop

Can you solve the puzzle? Drag and drop the single part to the correct field.






You did it!

Play again!




Find the sequence!

Cars have been around for well over 100 years and you can see that in some of them. Can you manage to put the following Porsche models in the right order?

Roboblocks – The Human & Machine game.

Take on the role of robot or programmer!