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15th October 2021 l For researchers l 2-3 minutes

Hello, welcome back. Today I’ll tell you more about my hobby: Photography. Do you like taking photos too? I’ll tell you why I love taking photos and give you some helpful pro tips for great photos. Curious now? Then read on!

For me, photography is not only a hobby, but also a great gift! I love it when I capture the perfect moment in my photos. My favourite things to photograph are special Porsche sports cars around the world and of course my BFF Tom Targa! Do you like taking photos too?

Professionals pay attention to the so called golden ratio. This is the rule of harmony for photographers, so that the pictures are particularly nice. To do this, you divide the photo vertically and horizontally into three areas. The main subject is then placed at the intersection points, but not in the middle.

I also love taking pictures with my mobile phone. Of course, I always have it with me! And what about you? For example, if you crouch down or lean back a bit, you can take unusual perspectives. For selfies, hold the camera a little higher and at a slight angle. Don’t forget to clean the lens!

Try it out right away! I’m sure you’ll take great photos. In the next blog, Tom will give you tips for your safety in the darker months. See you then.

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
The Porsche Museum at the Zuffenhausen-Stuttgart headquarters is once again hosting photography workshops on architecture and design during the autumn holidays. You can find more information here.

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