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23rd September 2022 l For Racing Drivers l 2-3 minutes

Hi there! I like to play a computer game from time to time. And as a real racing driver, I like racing games the most of course! My favourite game is ‘Gran Turismo’. Because there I can drive Porsche racing cars, just like in real life! Do you also like to play computer games?

 Since 2017, you can drive Porsche cars like the 911 RSR in Gran Turismo. Until the beginning of the year, these were always Porsches that actually existed. But that has changed now! Because the designers at Porsche are developing a concept car that only exists in this game. Cool, isn’t it?

The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo (GT) only exists digitally. And that’s why the development is a really exciting task for the designers at Porsche. With this model, they can further develop the Porsche DNA in a creative and future-oriented way. But you can tell it’s a Porsche at first glance! You can find out more about the Porsche DNA here.

Typical design elements will be further developed for the future. But you can still recognise the deep front bonnet and the strongly pronounced wings. The lights and the air intakes are typical for the Taycan, Porsche’s electric car. And in the interior you discover the familiar round instruments.

So you immediately recognise this digital Porsche Vision GT, too! Isn’t that exciting? Next week, Tina will have helpful learning tips for you. See you soon!

Yours, Tom

Did you already know?
The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo takes about two years to develop (from 2019 to 2021), while a real Porsche takes about four years.

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