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20th August 2021 l For Porsche fans l 2-3 minutes

Hello, explorer! Today I’m introducing you to another important Porsche headquarters: Zuffenhausen is the place where the production of the first Porsche series model started. In the article, I’ll tell you why this location is called the home of Porsche. Have fun!

Porsche has been based in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen for 90 years. This is also where the series production of the first Porsche, Type 356, started. Today, Porsche cars are still produced in Zuffenhausen: The model series Porsche 911, Porsche 718 and the all-electric Porsche Taycan are manufactured here.

Of course, the site has become much larger over the years. The factory area is now 670,000 square metres – the equivalent of more than 60 football pitches, right in the middle of Stuttgart! Do you remember how big the Weissach Development Centre is in comparison? Take another look here and count the football pitches!

Zuffenhausen is also home to the Porsche headquarters and the Porsche Museum. I think it’s particularly great that sustainability and environmental protection also play an important role here! Not only is there a new environmentally friendly paint shop, Porsche has also been using natural electricity from wind, water and solar energy for around five years.

Next week, Tom will tell you all about exciting things in motorsport. See you then!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
In Zuffenhausen there is even a street called ‘Porschestrasse’!

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