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22th April 2022 l For Researchers l 2-3 minutes

Hello! Do you like sport? As you know, Porsche is into sports and has been active in motorsports for a long time. However, Porsche also supports other sports. The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix is taking place right now. Find out what’s happening here today. Have fun!


The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix has been taking place since 1978. Only the world’s best women play in this popular Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tournament. It has been organised by Porsche for 20 years and takes place in the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. Did you know that I also really enjoy playing tennis in my spare time?

Tennis players from all over the world take part in this tournament. I think it’s very exciting! It’s an international tournament. It’s broadcast on TV and also online and you can watch it. Last year, the Australian Ashleigh Barty won the tournament and a Porsche. And this year?

The tournament also raises a lot of money, which is donated to aid organisations. They use it to help people in need. In addition, a sign is set for women that they have the same rights as men. The motto is ‘Strong women for a strong brand’. I think that is good and important.

Next week Tom will tell you about his favourite sport. He’ll show you some of his favourite race tracks. Imagine they’re all over the world!

Yours, Tina

Did you already know?
Tom and I will also be there at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. You can meet us at Porsche 4Kids until 24.04.2022 and experience a lot. Here you can find the colouring template for the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.

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