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17th February 2022 l For Porsche Fans l 2-3 minutes

Welcome! Last week Tom told you why his name is Targa. And today I’m going to introduce you to my name. Do you know where ‘Turbo’ comes from? And what it means at Porsche? You can find out all about that and why my name is Turbo here. Have fun!

At Porsche, Turbo is a type designation for various models. For example, there is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, the 911 Turbo or the Taycan Turbo. It is more than that: it is a principle. Turbo stands for the fastest, most exciting, in short the top model. A Porsche Turbo is always a high-flyer.

The term ‘Turbo’ has existed at Porsche for almost 50 years. Since then, it has stood for the use of the best and latest technology. But you can recognise a Turbo not only by its engine. It also looks different! It has a large rear wing, a spoiler and wide wings. Maybe you’ve noticed that before.

And why is my name like that? As a researcher in the development centre, I work on the latest technology. Just like a turbo, I always give my best. I love challenges and research on how to make a Porsche even faster, better and also more sustainable. What do you think?

Carnival is coming up next week. Tom has some cool tips for that, of course. See you then!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
A programme at Porsche also has Turbo in its name: ‘Turbo for Talents’ promotes children and young people in various sports. You can find out more here.

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