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22nd July 2022 l For Designers l 2-3 minutes

Have you ever been to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen? The eye-catching building stands between the factories where Porsche builds its sports cars. In the museum you can learn exciting things about Porsche. What you can discover there, I tell you in this blog.

There are around 100 great cars in the exhibition. Just one example is ‘Sally Carrera’. She is a real star from the film ‘Cars’. Here you can also celebrate your birthday or visit cool holiday programmes! Tom and I will also be back during the summer vacations to follow the Porsche ideas.

What’s special about the cars in the museum is that almost every one is still working. Sometimes they even take part in races or parades! There is also a workshop right in the museum. You can watch through the glass window as the mechanics repair and recondition these great cars.

You can always discover something new in the Porsche Museum! Because the cars are changed regularly. In addition, there are always exciting special exhibitions. Tom reported on ’50 Years of Porsche Design’ here. And on 20th September 2022, ‘Spirit of Carrera RS’ will be launched.

Next week, we’ll continue with the Porsche inventiveness. Tom will tell you exactly what it means. See you soon!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
The Porsche Museum is built in a very special way. The architects want it to look as if the building is floating. That’s why the Porsche Museum is nicknamed ‘Flieger’ which means flyer.

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