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1st July 2022 l For Researchers l 2-3 minutes

Hello, we’ve already looked at what ‘Targa’ and ‘Turbo’ are all about here and here. Also, like you, each Porsche model has its own name. Where they come from and what they mean, we’ll tell you today. Let’s go!

Each name stands for a Porsche model and its characteristics. That’s like your name. It fits you really well, too! The Porsche team finds ideas for the names of the models all over the world: in different languages, in the names of race tracks or animals.

Macan means tiger in Indonesian, and this Porsche is just as powerful, sleek, and fascinating as the animal. The Cayman is particularly fast and agile, like the caiman, a species of reptile. And the Panamera is well suited for long distances. That’s why it’s named after the famous racetrack in Mexico.

It often takes quite a long time before the name is decided on. Porsche employees from different areas, for example designers and engineers, come up with the names. First they collect lots of ideas and suggestions. They are then reviewed and in the end the best one is chosen. What would your Porsche be named?

Now you know what’s behind the names of some Porsche models. You’ll soon find out what the other Porsche models are called and why in our blog. Next week, Tina will be making ice cream in time for summer. Yummy!

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Did you already know?
The name of a new Porsche is created long before the model is ready. The name and the new model are created almost at the same time.

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