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10th June 2022 l For Designers l 2-3 minutes

Welcome to our blog! Today it’s all about the sound of Porsche sports cars. It’s part of the acoustic design. You’ll find out what that is exactly and what sound designers at Porsche are working on. So prick up your ears and get clever!

Acoustics is generally the study of sound and its propagation. So today it’s all about what you hear from a car. And Porsche has its own designers for this, too: the sound designers. They design the acoustic fingerprint of a car. At Porsche, even the sound is famous!

Sound designers therefore deal with the sound of a sports car. At Porsche, the sound should always perfectly match the car. They even have their own rooms for this. The walls absorb the sound so that there is no background noise. So the sound designers really only hear the sound they are working on.

Especially for cars with electric motors, this is a special task. After all, they are actually quite quiet and sound different from cars with combustion engines. That’s why the sound designers came up with a new sound for the Porsche Taycan. Like any Porsche, a Taycan naturally also sounds really powerful!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Next week, Tom will be talking about test drivers at Porsche. See you then.

Yours, Tina

Did you already know?
But sound designers don’t just take care of the sound of the engines. They also design the sound when you slam the car door of a Porsche or the sound of the turn signal.

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