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6th August 2021 l For Porsche fans l 2-3 minutes

Hi! Over the next few weeks, Tom and I will introduce you to the various Porsche locations. Today we’ll start with Weissach. I’ll tell you what Porsche does there, why a lot of it is top secret and how you can still take a look behind the doors of Weissach!

Each Porsche is conceived on a blank piece of paper. Initially, designers draw up a whole host of concepts. Then they sit down at their computers and have a think about elements including how many seats the car should have and how large the trunk will be. Think of the design studio as a giant ideas workshop or innovative think tank with room for even the craziest futuristic ideas.

After having opted for one design, the first models are formed from brown clay. Clay is easy to shape and so the model can be modified quickly. At the same time engineers rack their brains to come up with a plan on how to accommodate the technology in the car. Where will the wheels go? Where will the engine be installed?

Engineers and designers work hand in hand, closely coordinating their actions. It‘s a team effort! The next step is to assemble initial versions of the cars – called prototypes. This is the name given to vehicles dedicated to testing that haven‘t been fully developed yet.

Then we move on to the test stand and test drive. Tom will explain what happens there in the next article. See you soon!

Yours, Tina

Did you know?
Developers need a lot of clay: all in all 1,500 kg, which means one and a half tons. That‘s equivalent to 75,000 bars of children‘s modelling clay.

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