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5th November 2021 l For Designers l 2-3 minutes

Hi! Do you find washing your hands annoying? I’ll tell you why it’s important nevertheless. As you know, I am a safety expert. That’s why your safety is also important to me, and not just in road traffic. My tip: Make your own Porsche soaps and washing your hands will be fun!

Every day you touch many objects with your hands. Millions of germs, bacteria and viruses are on them. Since we often touch our faces every day without realising it, the germs enter your body through your mouth, nose and eyes. The best way to prevent this is to wash your hands regularly and properly!

And this is how it works: You need lots of soap, 30 seconds of time and the right technique. I used a dab of paint to test where no paint, means no soap, gets when I wash my hands. Phew, quite a lot of spots. Try it! Since then, I’ve been much more thorough with my soap between my fingers, on my thumb and the back of my hand.

How washing your hands can actually be fun? With extra cool soap! I brought you a great tutorial from the holiday programme at the Porsche Museum on how to make your own soap. You can find it here. I can’t wait to see what colour and fragrance your Porsche soap will have!

Stay healthy and cheerful! You can also do that with the right nutrition. Tina will have some tips for you next week! See you soon.

Yours, Tom

Did you know?
Did you already know? Sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing your hands. That’s exactly the time you need to wash your hands properly and thoroughly.

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